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Aberdeen Computational Social Cognition Lab

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Welcome to Aberdeen Computational Social Cognition Lab! We're a vibrant research group with a strong curiosity about the human mind and the way we perceive and understand each other.

Have you ever wondered why we sometimes favor information that relates directly to us? Or why stereotypes often influence our perception of others? These are some of the intriguing questions we explore every day.

Our work delves into the heart of social biases during key processes like decision-making, attention, and learning. We use the power of computational modeling, alongside insights from social cognition, cognitive psychology, and vision sciences, to dissect and understand these phenomena.

Beyond the science, we're passionate about challenging the norms. We embrace interdisciplinary approaches, questioning traditional discipline-specific methodologies to bring fresh perspectives and unique insights into social cognition.

So, whether you're a potential collaborator, a prospective student, or just a fellow human fascinated by how our minds work in social settings, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey of discovery. Welcome to our lab!

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